C++ in Constrained Environments

Posted by Michael Jeronimo - Mon, 03 Jan 2022
Tags: #general #tools #C++

C++ in Constrained Environments - Bjarne Stroustrup - CppCon 2022

C++ is widely used in constrained and/or critical applications and infrastructure components. How do we manage to use a large multi-purpose language in such environments? How can we better use facilities and techniques from modern C++ (C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20, and beyond)? The best answer is not “use only facilities available in C and C++ in 1985.”

This talk by Bjarne Stroustrup, from CppCon 2022, focuses on a top-down approach to achieve simplicity, maintainability, performance, and various forms of safety. It touches upon the C++ Core Guidelines, compile-time computation, type-and-resource safety, type deduction, the span and chrono standard libraries, and error handling.